That’s a fair question, and it comes directly from Jesus. When Jesus walked past John the Baptist, John quickly declared, “Look! There is the Lamb of God!” Two of John’s disciples began following Jesus. When Jesus saw them, he asked, “What do you want?”
Ultimately, they wanted to know if John’s words were true—could this be THE MESSIAH? Jesus invited them—and us—to “come and you will see.”
That’s one reason we read God’s word: we learn more about who he is and what it means to be in a relationship with him.
And that’s why we will cover the entire New Testament over four months. We will get a 30,000-foot view of who Jesus is and what it means when he invites us to follow him.

Will that change how we live?
How we think? 
How we view others?
How we manage our time, our relationships, and our lives?

Welcome to Messiah—four teaching series over the next four months as we travel through the pages, stories, miracles, and the lives that Jesus changed and continues to change today.