Loren Marston

Loren was born in Seattle on the north side of Queen Anne Hill. His parents were Christians and the whole family walked to church each Sunday. He heard and responded to the good news of Jesus while grade school age. He attended Seattle Pacific which was a block from his home and graduated with a degree in mathematics. Soon afterward he was drafted into the Army. Wherever he went in the army he prayed that God would lead him to a group of men who loved Jesús so he could be encouraged and encourage others. God wonderfully answered those prayers. After the service, he settled in Texas where he met and married Karen Ruth Puckett. Wanting to get back to the Seattle area he prayed and applied for a job at Boeing. Boeing hired him and paid his moving expenses. He has now lived in the Kent area for 43 years and has been attending Faith Church the entire time. He retired from Boeing 11 years ago. God has blessed him and Karen with 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He is looking forward to seeing what God will be doing through our community at Faith.